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WIZMEDI constantly works on new ideas
to create more qualified products
that ultimately satisfy all customers.


WIZMEDI company was established by two leading CEO doctors with the support of a supervisor team, including many famous K-Beauy experts. Our most concern is to innovatively address various skin problems and find the best way to treat each type of them.

We believe that with customer-centered thinking, deep dermatological knowledge and nonstopped R&D investment, WIZMEDI will continue to launch more and more qualified products to help every customer reach closer and closer to their REAL BEAUTY.
CEO of WIZMEDI, Choi Yong-Hun, Han Yun-Soo


Upgrade the definition of “REAL BEAUTY”, based on professionalism and sincerity

WIZMEDI is a place where each product is the convergent point of hard working, professional, creative thinking and qualified ingredients selection.


Products made by K-Beauty
Experts and Dermatologists


Products with
High Satisfactory


Products provide the fundamental
changes to skin


Becoming a global leading brand in skincare beauty market by
transferring dermatological knowledge into real science application.


Devote all the best effort to make every customer look,
live and feel beautiful. .

  • Officially Certified Manufacturing Facility
  • Certified by Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
  • Excluding Harmful Ingredients
  • Constant Communication with Customers
  • Reliable and Optimum Quality

WIZMEDI Standards

Quality Assurance

Customers’ safety is the top priority and pride of WIZMEDI. In order to secure product quality, we have set up our own strict quality standards, from selecting raw materials to the final products.

Ingredients Policy

WIZMEDI uses only those ingredients that have passed all quality requirements after reviewing the chemical features and manufacturing processes, material safety data sheet, safety data, etc., related to each of the raw materials to assess whether they are suitable.


WIZMEDI analyzes various skin concerns, and studies substances based on professional medical knowledge and accumulated data. WIZMEDI proposes customized solutions for customers, to understand what the skin is trying to say and address such skin problems.


Office No. 216, G12, 280, Daehak-ro, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
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